Tips for going to court

  1. Get legal advice.

  2. Read your summons carefully.

  3. Call the court to arrange an interpreter
    if you need one.

  4. Get the police summary of the case and a copy
    of the police’s record of your criminal history.

  5. Dress in clean, smart clothing.

  6. Arrive at the court well before your hearing time,
    especially if you will be seeking legal advice or
    legal representation in court.

  7. Speak to the Registrar at the Criminal Coordinator’s desk.

  8. In the courtroom where your hearing is, tell the Bench Clerk you are there.

  9. Do not leave the courtroom before your case is called.

  10. Bow (nod) toward the Magistrate when entering and leaving the courtroom
    and address him/her as Your Honour, or Sir (if male) or Madam (if female).